Ragnok 2: Unique Vertical Gun-Grip Gaming Mouse

Ragnok 2 gaming mouse box front

PC gaming has seen remarkable advancements over the years, and the choices of gaming mice have expanded along with it. Factors like optics, form factor, DPI, and surface material greatly influence the gaming experience, allowing users to customize their gameplay to their liking. Let’s dive into the Ragnok 2, a distinctive vertical-shaped mouse that resembles a gun grip.

Ragnok 2 gaming mouse box back

Unboxing the Ragnok 2 Mouse

Ragnok 2 gaming mouse inside packaging

Known as “The World’s First Vertical Gun-Grip Gaming Mouse: Ragnok” its vertical design immediately caught my attention. Having seen this device prior to Lenovo’s Legion Go handheld reveal, where controllers could also be used as a vertical standing mouse, I was intrigued. So, let’s unbox the Ragnok 2!

Ragnok 2 gaming mouse unboxing

Inside the box, you’ll find the Ragnok 2 mouse, a detachable base, a 2.4GHz wireless dongle, and a USB-C cable. Unfortunately, Bluetooth connectivity isn’t available for this mouse. Everything is neatly packaged with instructions to help you get started.

Design and Feel

Ragnok 2 gaming mouse vertical grip and stand with USB charging cable

The Ragnok 2 indeed resembles a gun grip and features a white and black aesthetic. It incorporates two trigger buttons for the left and right mouse clicks, utilizing blue switches that provide a satisfying click. However, there’s room for improvement in terms of their travel time. The metallic scroll wheel on the left is clickable and offers a tactile feel. Additionally, there’s a circular button on the side that functions as a rapid-fire button, and it can be adjusted and remapped through software. At the top, an adjustable DPI button allows you to select from up to 5000 DPI.

Ragnok 2 gaming mouse optical sensor and vibration

The mouse’s sides feature a textured design, which could potentially be extended to the entire body for better grip. Overall, the design feels comfortable in hand and sets itself apart from the standard gaming mouse designs.

Gaming with the Ragnok 2 Gun Mouse

When it comes to FPS and general gaming, your choice of mouse can significantly impact your gaming experience. The Ragnok 2 offers both wired and wireless functionality, allowing you to reduce input lag if needed. The slightly longer travel distance on the trigger switches may affect reaction times slightly, but it’s not a major concern.

Ragnok 2 gaming House of The Dead Remake

The mouse has power and vibration switches on its base. While using a vibrating mouse was a unique experience during games like Counter-Strike and Halo Infinite, I eventually opted to turn this feature off. Personally, for competitive FPS gaming, I would still lean toward a standard mouse. However, the Ragnok 2’s unique feel shines when playing arcade shooters and less competitive games.

After spending some time gaming, I found myself treating the Ragnok 2 as a dedicated controller experience. Games like THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: Remake were exceptionally enjoyable. Using the detachable base grip significantly enhanced my experience, reducing subconscious tilting and maintaining stability.

Ragnok 2 Summary

The Ragnok 2 is an intriguing concept that could benefit from some additional quality-of-life features. Reducing travel on the trigger keys and adding more functionality could hit a sweet spot for many gamers. Its novelty certainly sets it apart and provides a unique experience, particularly when playing casual and arcade shooters.

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