NYXI Wizard Wireless Joy-Pads – Awesome Hall Effect GameCube Joy-Cons

NYXI Wizard Joy-Pads with hall effect sticks

NYXI Wizard Joy-Cons, a wireless set of Joy-Cons that pays homage to the iconic GameCube controller now comes to the Nintendo Switch. With heavy aesthetic inspiration, the presence of high quality Hall Effect sticks and tactile buttons that feels both nostalgic and novel.

Unboxing NYXI Wizard Joy-Cons

NYXI Wizard Joy-Pads boxed
NYXI Wizard Joy-Pads boxed back

The NYXI Wizard Joy-Cons arrive in sleek and minimal packaging, showcasing key features such as hall effect joysticks and customizable joystick rings. Inside the box, you’ll find the Wizard Joy-Cons in a nostalgic purple reminiscent of the GameCube.

NYXI Wizard Joy-Pads unboxed
NYXI Wizard Joy-Pads manual

The package also includes instructions, a charging cable, and interchangeable joystick rings for a personalized gaming experiences. They joystick rings can be swapped by twisting and swapping in just seconds. Joysticks can also be popped out and swapped.

NYXI Wizard Joy-Pads replacing stick and ring

Holding the NYXI Wizard Joy-Cons evokes the GameCube WaveBird controller’s ergonomic feel, complete with illuminated buttons and concave thumbsticks. The included grip for standalone mode offers compact convenience, and the ridged design on the Joy-Con rails feels almost Lego like. I would have preferred for this to be the usual smooth fit but it works fine otherwise.

NYXI Wizard Joy-Pads rail with ridged design

Gaming with the NYXI Wizard Joy-Cons

NYXI Wizard Joy-Pads wireless mode

The NYXI Wizard Joy-Cons provide a gaming experience that is a throwback back to the GameCube era. The magnetic hall effect sticks require no calibration and offer precise control and will not suffer from stick drift over time. The buttons, triggers, and D-pad sport a glossy finish and offer minimal travel time, providing tactile, instant feedback. There are also additional back buttons for custom mapping.

NYXI Wizard Joy-Pads triggers
NYXI Wizard Joy-Pads back buttons

I tested the NYXI Wizard Joy-Cons across various game genres, including racers, shooters, and fighting games in handheld mode. When connected to the Switch, the overall footprint becomes significantly larger, requiring some adjustment but remain comfortable to hold. When connected to the grip in wireless mode, it feels like gaming on a GameCube controller albeit much lighter.

NYXI Wizard Joy-Pads handheld mode

The octagonal gate on the joysticks feel great but might not be suited to everyone’s taste but can be swapped out on the fly. The D-Pad, while maintaining some tactile feedback, presents a slight issue during fighting games as it registers “up” when moving through dragon punch motions. This quirk can impact the gameplay experience for fighting game enthusiasts.

NYXI Wizard Joy-Pads USB-C charging

Potential Improvements

To enhance the NYXI Wizard Joy-Pads, a slight rework on the D-Pad is recommended to prevent inadvertent inputs during fighting games. While this may not be a deal-breaker for all users, it’s a crucial consideration for those who prioritize precise inputs.

NYXI Wizard Joy-Pads with Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons comparison

The NYXI Wizard Joy-Cons deliver a nostalgic experience reminiscent of the GameCube controller while introducing modern features like hall effect joysticks and customizable rings. With a few tweaks, these Joy-Cons could be a must-have for gamers seeking a blend of old-school charm and contemporary functionality as a great alternative for your Nintendo Switch. They serve as a perfect Christmas gift for gamers and will provide longevity. Remember that you will probably need a much bigger case to carry them if leaving them connected to the Switch.

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