DOYOKY RGB Joy-Cons Review: Amazing D-Pad and Never Drifts

DOYOKY RGB Joy-Cons Nintendo Switch

Today we are looking at the DOYOKY RGB Joy-Cons with Hall Effect Joysticks. My Joy-Cons have sadly been victim to inevitable drifting and with Nintendo gearing up for a flurry of new Switch releases, I’ve been wanting to get an upgrade that would do away with stick drift once and for all.

When considering an upgrade for your Joy-Cons, the DOYOKY RGB Joy-Cons with Hall Effect Sticks should be at the top of your list. These Joy-Cons offer a welcome solution to the persistent problem of stick drift in traditional analog stick controllers.

Hall Effect Sticks: A Drift-Free Experience

Most analog sticks in conventional controllers are prone to wear and tear over time, leading to annoying stick drift issues. Many of us have faced this problem with our original Joy-Cons, even with minimal use. Repairing or replacing drifting Joy-Cons can be a time-consuming and potentially expensive endeavor.

The DOYOKY Joy-Cons, on the other hand, feature hall effect sticks, which use magnetic field detection for movement. This technology is not susceptible to the drift problems commonly seen in controllers with potentiometers. Say goodbye to stick drift once and for all!

Ergonomics and Comfort

Unboxing DOYOKY RGB Hall Effect Joy-Cons

The DOYOKY RGB Joy-Cons come smartly packaged with two large-sized Joy-Cons in sleek black, along with a USB-C cable, instruction manual, and grip, making them versatile for various gaming scenarios. These Joy-Cons are notably larger than the official Nintendo ones and offer a comfortable grip similar to that of a Microsoft Xbox One controller. Their larger size and lightweight build provide a well-distributed weight distribution, enhancing the handheld gaming experience. While feeling wider, it’s not as bulky as the Steam Deck.

DOYOKY Joy-Cons Change RGB Light Colour

One standout feature is the LED rings around the sticks and on the sides of the controllers, which can be customized to illuminate in various colors. This can be changed by holding the Turbo button and clicking in on each respective analog stick.

DOYOKY Joy-Cons LED Light Change

During extended gaming sessions, the DOYOKY Joy-Cons remain comfortable to hold, thanks to their textured backing, ensuring enhanced grip. You won’t encounter disconnection issues whether physically attached or used wirelessly. Additionally, these Joy-Cons can be joined together with a grip to form a lightweight pro controller, making them versatile for different gaming situations. While some might not prefer a single-sided gameplay due to the asymmetric design, it serves well in a pinch. The additional back buttons are useful and clicky shoulder trigger buttons work well.

DOYOKY shoulder trigger buttons
DOYOKY Joy-Cons back buttons

Hall-Effect Sticks and an Outstanding D-Pad

The Hallsense sticks are the highlight of this accessory. They arrive precisely calibrated out of the box, offering exceptional movement and aiming control with no noticeable dead zones. The concave thumb stick design provides added control and comfort, making them perfect for aiming in shooters. The magnetic hall effect sticks represent a significant improvement over previous Joy-Cons, and one can only hope to see them as a standard offering on controllers in the future.

DOYOKY Hall Effect Joystick

Another highlight I must stress on the DOYOKY Joy-Cons is the enhanced D-Pad. For fans of fighting games on the go, this D-Pad is a game-changer. It’s tactile, responsive, and delivers a satisfying click with every press. Whether you’re spamming dragon punches in Street Fighter or need accurate inputs for killer combos, this D-Pad offers precision that’s hard to match. Fans of the PlayStation Vita D-Pad will likely find this one equally enjoyable.

DOYOKY Hall Effect Joy-Cons RGB Wireless


DOYOKY Joy-Cons USB-C Charging

DOYOKY has refined its product into a strong third-party replacement that’s free from stick drift. The larger form factor provides comfort without sacrificing portability, and the improved D-Pad sets these Joy-Cons apart from the competition. If you’re looking for a reliable and drift-free Joy-Con alternative, the DOYOKY RGB Joy-Cons with Hall Effect Joysticks should be on your gaming radar.

DOYOKY RGB Joy-Cons with Hall Effect Joysticks

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