PXN Sense Buds X2 Review – Sexy TWS Earbuds For Gaming

PXN Sensebuds X2
PXN Sense buds X2

The wireless earbud market has steadily gained traction in the past few years. Doing away with wires and delivering control over one’s audio experience. I own a few Bluetooth headphones and still use my Bose QC 35 II on a regular basis. But for times when I need to travel light or want something in-ear, I need to look elsewhere. This is where the PXN Sense Buds X2 step in.

PXN Sense Buds X2 Overview

PXN are a company focused on gaming controllers and accessories. I previously reviewed their V9 racing wheel, an excellent and affordable entry level controller. PXN’s Sense Buds X2 are dubbed as earbuds that give the ultimate gaming experience as true wireless earphones. The company continues to produce products that can be used across multiple systems at an attractive value pricing.   

PXN Sense Buds X2 features:

  • Multi-Platform Bluetooth Connectivity – Android, iOS, PC, Windows and MacOS.
  • Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC) – Audio clarity when making calls.
  • Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) – 35dB Noise reduction using noise feedback and feedforward noise cancellation.
  • Low Latency Mode – Gaming performance mode over Bluetooth 5.1 for minimal lag.
  • Touch Controls – Easy touch controls to control volume, change tracks and more.

Unboxing PXN Sense Buds X2

PXN Sensebuds X2 and N6 Dongle
PXN Sense Buds X2 and N6 Dongle
PXN Sense Buds X2 White/Pink

The Sense Buds X2 come in two colour choices, blue/yellow and white/pink. There are also two packages, standard or with dongle. More on this in the gaming section of the review.

PXN Sense Buds X2 Unboxing

Packaging is and smart and premium. A simplistic exterior and tidy interior that holds the charging case, ear buds, additional earbud tips, instruction manual and a USB-C charging cable. Everything is packaged securely and I always love peeling the plastic wrap off of my new gadgets. The build quality of the case and earbuds feels premium and the IPX4 rating will hold up over time for workouts.

PXN Sense Buds X2 Unboxed

After browsing through the manual for a quick introduction to getting started with the Sense Buds X2, it was time for a fit test. I am very particular about my earbud fittings and any sign of discomfort or loose fitting needs to be addressed. The earbud tips that PXN include come in three sizes; small, medium and large. The default medium tips seem to slip out a little too often for me, switching to the small earbud tips made them fit comfortably. If the tips are still not to your taste there are always aftermarket options to use with the PXN Sense Buds.

Sensebuds X2 Earbud Tips
Sense Buds X2 Earbud Tips

Charging my Sense Buds before using them for maximum use time. The case has four indicator lights that show the battery level of the case which is capable of four full charges.  

Sensebuds X2 USB Charging
Sensebuds X2 USB Charging

Smartphone Connectivity and PXN Sense Buds X2 Software

Wireless earbuds are all about doing away with the auxiliary cable and achieving an audio experience that’s convenient. Connectivity and software are important in modern devices, PXN do a great job in delivering Bluetooth connectivity across multiple devices. Simply open the case and the buds are ready to pair. It was a simple matter of scanning on my smartphone and pairing was complete within seconds. For pairing with new devices, I recommend using the reset button on the case and initiating a new connection.

Sensebuds X2 Android Pairing
Sense Buds X2 Android Pairing

Each earbud can also be connected independently as they use their own dedicated chips. This is much better than using earbuds that are master/slave reliant. I use the Sense Buds X2 with both an iPhone 13 Pro Max and a Galaxy S20 Ultra running Android 12. It’s recommended to grab the dedicated app, ‘PXN Audio’ from the App Store/Play Store to enhance your experience. In a similar fashion to the PXN V9 Steering wheel, the app allows customization of touch controls, audio modes, custom and pre-set equalizer profiles and firmware updates. The Sense Buds X2 updated to the latest firmware on first connection within the app by accessing settings.

PXN Audio App Pairing
PXN Audio App Pairing
PXN Audio App Equalizer
PXN Audio App Equalizer
PXN Audio App Configuration
PXN Audio App Configuration
PXN Audio App Firmware Update
PXN Audio App Firmware Update

PXN Audio App on Google Play
PXN Audio Apple App Store

Sense buds X2 Gaming

Dongle Receiver

PXN Sensebuds and Dongle
PXN Sensebuds and Dongle

PXN offer two packages with their TWS earbuds, with or without their N6 Wireless dongle. The N6 dongle is a requirement for consoles, giving users minimal lag and maximum compatibility. PC devices that don’t possess built-in Bluetooth will also benefit from the N6 for connectivity. It’s a simple plug and play dongle that syncs with the earbuds.  

PC Gaming

I tend to notice audio lag when using older headphones with my PC via Bluetooth. The PXN Sense Bud X2 eliminates lot of this lag to around 40-60ms when using gaming mode. A widely noticeably difference. I tested some spatial audio applications and found them sufficient to play some FPS including CSGO and Warzone. They’ve been a great companion in my journey through Elden Ring too.

One minor complaint that I have is the blinking blue LED is a little bright for my taste. This becomes increasingly distracting when playing in darker settings where the over pronounced blue LED flashes into my peripheral vision. It would also help to mark which sides are L/R too. I hope that PXN can introduce a configuration via software updates that either dials down the brightness of the LEDs or allows turning them off/solid.   

Sony PS4 Gaming

For console gaming you’ll want to pick up the dongle that PXN offers. The N6 wireless dongle allows connectivity to games consoles. I was able to test this with my PS4 and it worked very well. The dongle slots into the USB port of the console and is detected as an audio device. The receiver relays audio to the Sense Buds X2 with minimal delay. Easy and consistent.

Check out my Sense Buds X2 setup with PS4 video:

Nintendo Switch Gaming

PXN Sensebuds X2 Pairing With Nintendo Switch
PXN Sense Buds X2 Pairing With Nintendo Switch

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Sense Buds X2 work very well with the Nintendo Switch. As of Nintendo Switch firmware V13.0.0, Bluetooth audio devices are supported. Nintendo have a poor implementation of Bluetooth services but I decided to give it a try anyway.

To wirelessly pair the Nintendo Switch and the Sense Buds X2:

Go to System Settings > Bluetooth Audio > Add Device The Switch will scan and they should show up as PXN Sense Buds X2. If they don’t show up, you’ll need to update the firmware of your earbuds within the PXN audio app by heading to the settings tab. Mine showed up right after the firmware update and worked perfectly, an impressive update that shows PXN are committed to serving gamers through continuous support.

Sensebuds X2 Connected to Switch
Sense Buds X2 Connected to Switch

Note: After connecting in handheld mode, I noticed some significant audio delay. Something many people have complained about on the Nintendo Switch and general Bluetooth issues. This is mostly down to Nintendo’s implementation. Fortunately, switching between audio and gaming modes on the Sense Buds X2 resolved the issue and the lag vanished. Playing the Nintendo Switch in handheld with wireless earbuds is something I’ve wanted for a long time and the Sense Buds X2 deliver wonderfully. 

Audio and Battery

PXN Sensebuds X2 and Case
PXN Sense Buds X2 and case

Audio on the Sense Buds X2 is clear and can be adjusted to suit different tastes using the equalizer within the function. I found the vocal preset as a good starting point and tuned it to my own preference.

Noise cancelling can be adjusted and works very well, locking out distractions while delivering a great audio experience. I found myself loving transparency mode, letting in surrounding sound so I could hear and communicate within the immediate surrounding area without having to take the Sense Buds out.

I don’t tend to crank up my music too high but Sense Buds can achieve great volume levels without fizzling out. The 10mm driver used within the TWS earbuds are versatile, providing ample bass and range for a balanced experience that is great for gaming, tunes and movies.

I used the Sense Buds for over 4 hours while gaming and working without feeling discomfort. Once the battery ran low, I simply popped them in the charging case and they were ready to go again within an hour or so.

Final Comments

Sensebuds X2 Sound Test
Sense Buds X2 and Charging Case

PXN deliver a premium product that delivers a versatile audio experience for gadget lovers and gamers alike. While there are some minor nuances mentioned in my review, I feel the features and value price range is a great buy for anybody looking to pick up a new set of TWS earbuds. If PXN can continue to support their product through software/firmware updates, the Sense Buds X2s have a bright future. I highly recommend the PXN Sense Buds X2 for general and gaming use.

Buy the PXN Sense Buds X2

PXN Official Store
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