THE DOCK by PBTAILS – PS5 DualSense Charging Station

pbtails ps5 controller charging
PBTAILS PS5 DualSense Controller Charging Station

Following on from their previous CHOC controller campaign, PBTAILS are back again with a new premium PS5 Charging Station, THE DOCK.

The DOCK Impressions

pbtails the dock box

PBTAILS sent over a unit to me and I’ve had a while to test and use the product with my DualSense controller. 


  • The DOCK is a compact PS5 charging station that uses a dense form-factor and additional counterweight to provide stability for weighty DualSense controllers.
  • Fold out arms to support charging of up to two DualSense controllers, one side can be kept close if you’re charging a single controller.
  • Magnetic arm locking mechanism for safe storage and charging pin protection
  • Controller charge level LED light indicator.
  • Dedicated power supply for stable charge times of around 3 hours.
  • Overcharging protection to maintain internal battery life of the DualSense controller.

The DOCK Unboxed

pbtails the dock ps5 controller charging station
PBTAILS THE DOCK – PS5 DualSense Controller Charging Station Unboxed

The Dock is packaged in a shiny metallic box, similar to the CHOC controller. There’s an adapter, user manual and The DOCK itself ready to go.

pbtails the dock bottom
The DOCK Power Underside Power Port

Setup was very easy, I simply popped The DOCK on my desk and plugged it in. The orange and blue LEDs glowed before turning off until a controller is docked in.

Check out my unboxing video here:



PBTAILS The Dock Color Choices

PBTAILS continue to design gaming accessories with a fusion of style and technology. I loved the retro inspired mini controller and the company have once again chosen to pursue an inspired design, this time drawing from iconic Japanese Mecha Series.

The DOCK comes in three color choices, as an avid anime and manga fan I instantly recognize the Horizon Blue choice embodies themes from RX-78-2 of Mobile Suit Gundam and Cosmic Gamma is reminiscent of EVA Unit-01 from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Limited edition choice, Metallic Midnight is made from Zinc Alloy with a polished black finish and is a heavier and sturdier option. Each design also has the option of coming with an accompanying battle hardened themed PS5 face plate (disc edition) and thumb grips.

pbtails dock charging core
The Core in Cosmic Gamma Green

I got my hands on the Cosmic Gamma option, cue Evangelion OP – Cruel Angels Thesis!

First Impressions

pbtails the dock dualsense open
PBTails The Dock and DualSense Controller

At just over 300 grams in eight, the ABS shell of the Cosmic Gamma is well designed and feels like a premium product. The metal hinges allow the wings of the controller supports to fold out where you can then place your controller for charging.

pbtails the dock cosmic gamma green
PBTAILS The DOCK Charging Wings

There are two small controller supports that align the DualSense with its charging pins. I felt a distinct click when placing my controller in. The blue LED charge light turns on once the DualSense is connected and will blink until charge is complete. There are 3 levels to indicate overall charge status. Once charging is complete The DOCK’s LEDs remain solid for a moment before it turns off, protecting the controller from over charging.

pbtails ps5 controller charging
The DOCK Charging LED

I really love the compact footprint The DOCK has on my desk and it has charged my DualSense in just a few hours without issue. I leave my controllers sitting in The DOCK when I’m not using them and the dedicated power supply means I get to use the Dock unattached to the PS5 console, something to consider when placing it at home. It could easily sit by a couch for easy access when it’s gaming time without having to walk over to the console. 

Final Thoughts

pbtails the dock dualsense charging
The DOCK Charging DualSense Controller

I have used The DOCK consistently for the past couple of weeks without issue and overall, very happy with the product. PBTails keep things stylish and extravagant, appealing to gamers who want a premium product that stands out from bland OEM designs. PBTAILS keeps brings a loud and stylish take on charging docks and stands out as a unique and premium PS5 accessory. The homage paid towards to some of most iconic Mecha anime/manga is well executed and a must for Mecha fans. A great companion to a PS5 setup or even if you’re just using a DualSense controller standalone with PC or mobile devices.

Learn more about The DOCK from the official PBTAILS kickstarter page, there will be an improved version coming in the near future.

Official PBTAILS Website

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