COIORVIS Joy Pad Review – Big and Comfy Joy-Cons for Switch

It’s been a great few weeks for the Nintendo Switch and latest Nintendo Direct reveals plenty of more on the way in 2022 leading into 2023. Over the past few weeks I’ve picked up some great games including Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Metroid Dread and a few others.

As a handheld player that dumps hours into gaming, comfort is very important to me and I’ve been on a constant quest to find the perfect Joy-Con replacements this year. The MOBAPAD M6 Gemini has been a hot topic over the past few months as a Hori Split Pad Pro competitor with built in gyro but the biggest dealbreaker for me is lack of wireless connectivity/internal battery for charging. I needed the ultimate package and I am pleased to say I’ve found something that ticks most of my boxes.

Meet the COIORVIS Joy Pad Controller, a bigger and better pair of Joy-Cons that deliver superb comfort.

What’s in the Box

COIORVIS Controller unboxing and magnetic face plates
COIORVIS Controller Unboxing

Inside the box there is an instruction booklet and a pair of Joy Pad controllers.


  • Wireless connectivity and Switch console wakeup function using the HOME button.
  • Internal Battery charge via grip or connected to console. 
  • Six-axis gyroscope/accelerometer for tilt controls in game.
  • Remappable back buttons using macro functions (FR and FL).
  • Turbo functionality that can be configured for different speeds/modes.  
  • HD rumble configurable to four different levels or disabled entirely.
  • Magnetic faceplates that can be easily replaced with other colours/designs.
  • ALPS rocker joystick for comfort and reliability.


The COIORVIS Joy Pad controllers work connected directly to the switch and in wireless Bluetooth mode. Pairing is easy following the provided steps and I was playing in matter of seconds. I tested the wake-up function in both modes and my Switch console woke up without issue.

Button Remapping

The buttons are also remappable from within the Switch’s settings. There are two additional buttons on the back of the controller than be assigned to specific button inputs using the assign button that is on the front of the controller, look for the smaller ‘M’ button on each Joy Pad. Each configuration is saved independently so be sure to do it for both the left and right controllers. I personally don’t like to use the back buttons when playing games so I disabled them altogether, it’s nice to have this level of flexibility either way.

COIORVIS Joy Pad Back Buttons
COIORVIS Joy Pad Back Buttons

Vibration and Configuration

Each Joy-Pad can be configured with a vibration intensity using specific button inputs that either increase or decrease the vibration level. I found the maximum vibration level on the COIORVIS controllers to be way too strong so I set them to either 20% (lowest setting) or off entirely. Again, I see being able to configure this as only a bonus but I will highlight that the rumble isn’t the greatest when compared rumble in other first party controllers. For a third-party accessory for the Nintendo Switch it holds up just fine.

Turbo Functions

Turbo functionality is present and can be programmed and assigned using the smaller ‘T’ button found on each controller. There are different ‘burst’ modes that once can assign with varying speed. I don’t tend to use this function at all so I’ve since left it off entirely. A great feature to have and doesn’t get in the way of gameplay if you don’t want it at all.

COIORVIS Joy Pad Analog Stick and D-Pad
COIORVIS Joy Pad Analog Stick and D-Pad


I have used a number of D-Pads now when playing on the Switch. Generally, I have found the Official Joy-Cons to be disastrous for playing fighting games. Other third-party replacements tend to have D-Pads that feel a little soft/mushy. COIORVIS deliver on this front with a D-Pad that feels clicky and surprisingly accurate. I had no issues pulling of quarter circle motions, dragon punches and even 360 motions. Playing some rounds of Dragon Ball FighterZ and Street Fighter felt great and I’m very impressed.

Analog Controls

Each Joy Pad feature an ALPS rocker for analog stick control. They feel sturdy and work well enough but I feel that the dead zone is a little larger than I’m used to. It’s playable however and overall experience is fine for most games including shooters, racers and whatever else you might want to play through.

COIORVIS Controller Grip and Charging via USB-C
COIORVIS Controller Grip and Charging via USB-C

Comfort and Build Quality

Where Official Nintendo Joy-Cons feel a little on the smaller side and BinBoks on the chunkier, COIORVIS manages to find just the right form factor that feels similar to holding an Xbox controller. There’s also a texture grip on the back that I highly appreciate during long plays and something I immediately noticed that was missing from the BinBok Joy-Cons.

The overall build quality of the COIORVIS Joy Pads are definitely one of the best I’ve experienced from third party controllers. The buttons and triggers are clicky and responsive. There is a red LED light to indicate connectivity/charging.

I used the Joy Pads for extensive play sessions both in handheld and docked mode and had minimal fatigue, if any at all. These Joy-Con replacements have transformed the way I play my Switch in handheld mode in a positive way.

I highly recommend picking up an additional grip for docked play too, if you’re travelling it might save some space by letting you leave your Switch Pro Controller at home.  

Final Thoughts

The COIORVIS Joy Pad Controllers build on top of what the Hori-Split Pad Pro/M6 sought to achieve and deliver a well-rounded package for any Nintendo Switch user. While the vibration and analog sticks are only just acceptable for me, it makes up for this tenfold through ergonomics, connectivity and charging capabilities. At present, I rate the COIORVIS Joy Pads as a worthy Joy-Con replacement that not only improves on ergonomics but also retains the features that matter for gamers. An essential buy for people looking to replace their Joy-Cons.

Check out my unboxing video:
COIORVIS Wireless Joy Pad Controller Unboxing

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